The Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Bournemouth

In the coastal town of Bournemouth, drainage issues are a common problem many residents find themselves grappling with. Some of the intricacies behind blocked drains are often overlooked, yet understanding their causes can help you prevent the problem before it arises. This article will explore the common causes of blocked drains in Bournemouth and how to avoid them.

Perhaps the most common cause for blocked drains, not only in Bournemouth but also in other parts of the UK, is the disposal of inappropriate items down the drain. This could range from flushing sanitary products, kitchen paper towels, or baby wipes down the toilet to disposing leftover food or cooking grease down the sink. Because the drain pipes are only designed to handle water, human waste, and minimal amounts of toilet paper, such items often end up causing blockages.

Another common cause is the natural accumulation of sediment and minerals. The town’s proximity to the coast means that the water supply may contain a higher concentration of minerals, which can solidify over time and buildup within the pipes resulting in blockages. Regular pipe maintenance can be beneficial in this scenario to clear out any sediment or mineral build-up.

Tree roots invasion is also a frequent cause of blocked drains in Bournemouth. Trees are naturally attracted to the closest source of water which, under certain circumstances, could be your drainage pipes. Through small cracks or holes in the pipe, tree and shrub roots can infiltrate and expand, creating a significant obstruction.

Hair build-up, another leading cause of blocked drains, often catches many homeowners by surprise. After all, what harm can a few hair strands do? However, when hair accumulates in drainage pipes over a period, it usually binds with other substances such as grease or soap, forming a clump that eventually clogs the drain.

On a slightly larger scale, infrastructure damage can also lead to blocked drains. Bournemouth, with its mix of old and new buildings, is susceptible to problems associated with broken or damaged pipes. Aging drains can collapse, misalign, or crack, allowing soil to enter and cause blockages. Also, poor installation of drain pipes can lead to similar issues.

Lastly, the accumulation of leaves and garden waste in outdoor drains and gutters is another reason for blocked drains in Bournemouth. The town’s pleasant green spaces and favorable climate make it susceptible to these kinds of issues particularly during autumn, when leaf fall is at its peak.

Understanding these common causes can help blocked drains bournemouth residents in Bournemouth take necessary precautions and ensure their drains run smoothly. Regular drain cleaning, avoiding disposing inappropriate items in the drains, and inspecting tree roots near drain lines can help mitigate these common causes. In case of a blockage, it is always advisable to call a professional plumbing service to properly diagnose and fix the issue to avoid further complications, and maintain the integrity of your drainage system.