Understanding the Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Hayes

Blocked drains are a problem we all face in our homes or businesses at one point or another. If you reside in Hayes, you may find it worth understanding what could likely cause blocked drains, so you can take action early and prevent serious plumbing issues. This article will walk you through the common causes of blocked drains in Hayes and offer you insights on how to prevent them.

Perhaps the most common cause of blocked drains is the accumulation of hair. Hair that falls out in the shower can easily get into your drain and, over time, cause it to block. This occurs as they bind with grease and other sticky substances to form clogs. To avoid this, you can install guards to catch hair before it finds its way into the drain. Ensure to clear the hair from these guards frequently.

Foreign objects blocked drains hayes are another major cause of pipe and drain blockages in Hayes. Bathrooms are particularly susceptible to this type of blockage as so many different items, like soap, toiletries, toys, and toilet paper, end up in the drains. Educating household members and guests, particularly kids, about what should and shouldn’t go into the toilet, sink, or shower drain can go a long way in preventing this.

Grease and fat are other substances that can block drains in Hayes. When these substances cool down, they solidify, sticking to the walls of the pipes, thus narrowing down the pipes and inevitably leading to blockages. Avoiding the disposal of grease and fat down the sink can help circumvent this issue.

In Hayes, you might also find that leaves and other garden debris are a common problem causing drain blockages, particularly in the autumn. To avoid garden waste from blocking your drains, maintain a regular garden cleaning schedule especially during autumn when leaves fall. You can also install drain guards to stop the leaves from entering the drain system.

Old pipes are another plausible reason for blocked drains in Hayes. Pipes can break, crack, or rust over time and cause blockages or leaks. It may be useful to have your pipes inspected by a professional periodically to identify any potential or existing problems.

Insoluble items like sanitary pads, baby wipes, or other products that don’t break down in water, are also a common cause of blockages in Hayes. Educate everyone in your home to only flush pee, poo, and paper down the toilets. Items that are not water-soluble should be disposed in the trash.

Hard water can also cause drain blockages. Hayes being in ‘hard’ water area, mineral build-up can occur in pipes over time, leading to blockages. Installing a water softener system can help solve this problem while also prolonging the life of your other appliances.

In conclusion, there are several common causes of blocked drains in Hayes, many of which are preventable. Understanding these causes can help you take the necessary precautions to prevent frustrating and potentially costly plumbing issues. If you’re already facing a serious blockage, it’s wise to call in a local professional plumbing service to safely and effectively clear your system.